"Mein Italien": Roadmovie, Documentary and Concert

On ZDF on Friday October 28 2016, starting at 11:30pm CET: “Mein Italien", a combination of road movie, documentary and concert with Jonas Kaufmann. Ever since he first went on holiday there with his family, Italy has been “the land of longing” for Kaufmann. Anca-Monica Pandelea’s film documents Kaufmann’s special affinity with the Italian language, its way of life and its culture – and also, of course, its music. It is not, however, Verdi and Puccini who are central to the film but tenor hits from Enrico Caruso to Lucio Dalla. Accompanied by the Orchestra della RAI Torino under the direction of Jochen Rieder, Kaufmann sings popular numbers that include “Torna a Surriento”, “Cor ’ngrato”, “Mattinata”, “Parla più piano”, “Caruso” and “Il canto”. The music recordings were made in the Teatro Carignano in Turin, the film and the concert will be released on DVD later this year.


Dear Friends, I’m so sorry that my cancellations have been the source of a lot of disappointment and frustration over the past few weeks. Of course, I can understand the irritation of all those who had organized the expensive trips to come and listen to me. Unfortunately, the performance of a voice of singer cannot be guaranteed and sometimes a singer is facing events that require it to take a long rest. When I noticed that something was wrong with my voice, at first I thought it was a beginning of infection. The medical examination, however, has given a different result: the side effects of a medicine made burst a small blood vessel on my vocal cords. To avoid permanent damage, I have to stop singing until the haematoma has completely subsided. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I must also cancel my representations of the Tales of Hoffmann in Paris. Concerning the recital in the TCE on October 13 we look for an alternate date. - All those who have sent me their wishes for a speedy recovery by Facebook and by e-mail I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart.

Jonas Kaufmann