Andrea Chénier in Sydney und Melbourne

Pressestimmen zu den Konzerten am 08. und 11. August im Sydney Opera House sowie am 13. August in Melbourne:

"Andrea Chénier is a tenor vehicle, and there’s no tenor alive that sings the title role as splendidly as Jonas Kaufmann. His third appearance with the company after 2014’s operatic arias recital and 2017’s staggering Parsifal, it’s another fitting showcase for his manifold talents. Singing with thrilling power and burnished tone, the trumpet-like quality of his top paid dividends when it came to the score’s many climactic moments. But while Kaufmann easily commands the range and volume needed for the part, he’s an artist who has always demonstrated singing of great refinement as well. Without being mannered, his approach to phrasing is elegant and always thought out, while his seamless ability to move between pianissimo and full voice is rightly famed. He brought total conviction to the first act Improvviso, capturing the revolutionary poet’s youthful ardour, while the virility of attack in his defiance of the court in act three was simply electrifying."

Justine Nguyen, Limelight Magazine, 09.08.2019

Foto: Keith Saunders

"As the martyred poet Chenier, Jonas Kaufmann transforms the traditionally stertorous "spinto" tenor sound into a thing of wondrous handsomeness, modulating tone, vowel and colour with immaculate poise and musical intelligence. Chenier’s arias are more familiar as excerpts than the complete opera and Kaufmann imbued these fine-sounding words with a tone of humane and lofty heroism."

Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald, 11.08.2019

Foto: Keith Saunders

"There’s something thrilling about seeing the world’s best in action. A person deemed the very top in their field, unrivalled by any other. It’s a position that brings enormous expectation and so often falls short of the imagined.
But sometimes a person comes along with a talent so rare, so undeniable, they can unite the public and critics alike across the globe. That’s Jonas Kaufmann. He’s it. A tenor of superlative musical intelligence, his instrument has a unique, burnished baritonal quality; it has depth, silky legato and immense power.
A moment occurred in Opera Australia’s concert performance of Giordano’s Andrea Chenier on Tuesday night, when the magnitude of what we were witnessing became fully apparent. In his Act I aria, the Improvviso, Kaufmann released his voice for a forte high B flat, which soared with grace and ease over the 70-plus musicians and enveloped the entire auditorium.
Then we knew: this repertoire, the whole world over, could not be sung any better."

Bridget Davies, The Age, 14.08.2019

Foto: Keith Saunders



Schlossfestspiele Regensburg

Nach seiner L’Opéra Tour im Frühjahr diesen Jahres, gab Jonas Kaufmann am 18. Juli ein restlos ausverkauftes Gala Konzert bei den Schlossfestspielen Regensburg, das dieses Repertoire erneut in seinen Fokus stellte. Wie auch in München und Hannover sowie beim Waldbühnen Konzert in Berlin, stand ihm die georgische Mezzosopranistin Anita Rachvelishvili zur Seite. Begleitet wurden sie von den Hofer Symphonikern unter der Leitung von Jochen Rieder. Vor den Zugaben kündigte Jonas Kaufmann an, dass er einen Teil seiner Konzertgage dem Verein Zuflucht Kultur gespendet habe. 
Weitere Informationen zu den Projekten dieses Vereins erhalten Sie hier: Zuflucht Kultur

Foto: Rainer Fleischmann / Schlossfestspiele Regensburg

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